Body Pillows for Men

If you are looking for good body pillows for men, you should know that there are very few manufacturers who actually label their products “for men”. This is because any type of body pillow that is good for a woman would be good for a man as well, with only a few modifications, such as larger size or firmer construction, but this is also dependent on the preferences of the individual man. Some men might like to use a firm body pillow, while others might prefer a soft body pillow. It all depends on the man, and the reason he is wanting to use a body pillow in the first place. The lesson is: don’t pay attention to the marketing, pay attention to the quality and the construction to make sure it matches what you want. Our top choices for body pillows for men follow:

Our Favorite Body Pillows for Men:

Comfort-U Total Body Full Support Pillow for Men

Top Choice for Full Body Support

Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow for Men

Top Choice for Larger Frames

Top Choice Budget Body Pillow

Top Choice Budget Body Pillow

For full-body support (front and back), our top pick is the Comfort-U Total Body Full Support Pillow (all pillows are available at Amazon–just click the picture to the left to be taken to the correct page, and please ignore the photo of a woman–like all manufacturers, it seems this manufacturer thinks only women are interested in body pillows–this was the only image we could find).

For larger-framed men or those who like a firmer pillow, but who don’t want the wrap-around type pillow, our favorite is the Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow. This pillow weighs almost 10 pounds, so it’s no lightweight! The pillow is very sturdy and long-lasting, and it comes with a removable and washable cover so it’s easy to keep clean! This is the pillow I sleep with at night.

For those on a budget, or those who prefer a softer pillow, our #1 choice would be the Pinzon Basics Body Pillow with Cover.

How to Use Your Body Pillow:

If you are experiencing back pain and you want to use a body pillow to help you at night, there are several different ways to go about it. If your pain is muscular and in your upper back, you might feel comfortable using a softer pillow under your upper back (shoulders area) and head, or you might want to get one of the larger pillows that you can “hug” while sleeping on your side. These “hugging pillows” are usually shaped like very large bed pillows, but they can also be much larger. Some versions are horseshoe shaped, so that they support you from the front and back at the same time, but these are most useful for side sleepers, so if you prefer to sleep on your back, another type of pillow might be more useful.

For back sleepers, a wedge shaped pillow might provide more relief. Again, this is dependent partially on the reason you are experiencing pain, and what causes your pain. Some people experience pain mainly when they twist in bed, such as when they are trying to turn on their side, or when they are trying to sit up in bed. If this twising motion causes you pain, a wedge pillow MAY provide some relief by helping you to maintain an alignment of your spine. The way this works best for many people is by placing the wedge pillow behind their knees as they are laying flat on their backs. Doing this will raise the knees somewhat and allow the spine to straighten out, and it will also serve to remind you not to roll onto your side (the presence of the pillow is a physical reminder/barrier to sideways motion). This is another situation where this wouldn’t necessarily be listed specifically under body pillows for men, because this solution can be helpful for men or women equally.

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