The Best Travel Pillow

Traveling is stressful. You are worried about making flights, remembering details, forgetting items at home, and your arms are tired from carrying and pulling your luggage. When you get on the plane, the flight attendant offers you a pillow. Unfortunately, it is the size of a doll’s pillow. With a bit of forethought, you would have brought your own, much more comfortable pillow to help you relax on your long flight.

Travel pillows come in many different sizes and shapes these days. From the large pillows like the Skyrest Travel Pillow that are meant to rest on your own lap and that allow you to lean forward and rest in comfort, to the longer type pillows like the TravelRest pillow, you have many options to choose from. The larger pillows are inflatable so that you can carry them on in your bag and then inflate them for use during the flight. This is incredibly handy, and inflatable travel pillows are also very comfortable. You can inflate them fully if you like a firm surface, or leave them very slightly underinflated if you prefer a more cushy, soft surface on which to rest.
I have used both the Skyrest and the Travelrest, and both have qualities that recommend them. With the Skyrest, you can actually lean forward and relax fully. If you fall into a deep sleep, the inflatable travel pillow will still support you. With the TravelRest, you usually need to brace the pillow against something like the headrest of your seat or the wall of the plane. However, the TravelRest is much less bulky, and it won’t make your lap sweat like the Skyrest Travel Pillow might. Whether you prefer smaller or larger, firmer or softer, one of these pillows should be right for you.

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