Welcome to Body Pillow Guide!

After having back surgery several years ago, I discovered that I just couldn’t sleep comfortably without a nice long body pillow.  However, there were so many styles available, from pregnancy pillows to very feminine looking items, it was hard for me to find one that appealed to me .  I did finally end up finding a simple, yet sturdy and attractive memory foam pillow, and I haven’t been without it since.  My wife got one for herself that is shaped like a pea pod and she loves it.  There are also many pillows that wrap entirely over your head and around your back, providing support from behind as well as the front, so you feel cradled and secure.  My friend has an autistic son, and he is unable to sleep without wrapping himself up in that type of pillow.  The sense of being snuggled and squeezed a bit apparently makes him feel safe.  In the book “Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports from My Life With Autism”, autistic author Temple Grandin describes how she built a large metal contraption that would squeeze her from all sides when she leaned into it, and I can see how my friend’s son might be able to recreate that same feeling with a body pillow.

There are many different types of body pillow, and many different materials used in their construction.  I prefer a plain cotton cover that is removable for easy washing (it zips off), but my wife’s pillow is covered with a plush velvety-feeling fabric.  You can even buy a separate cover for your body pillow.  This is a useful option for those who are worried about being able to launder their cover, or for those who are highly allergic to dust mites!  I personally like to launder my body pillow cover every week in hot water because of this issue.  There are covers that are waterproof and dust mite proof, but I find that weekly laundering keeps my pillow feeling fresh and inviting and free of allergens.

I got the idea for this website when I was discussing body pillows with my sister.  She revealed to me that she still sleeps with her Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow, even though my niece is now almost three years old!  Apparently body pillows are more popular than I realized.  I got mine only after having back surgery, but I recommend that you try a body pillow even if you don’t have an injury or pregnancy or any other issue.  You might just find you really like it!

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