Who Can Benefit from Body Pillows?

  • You!

Almost anyone can benefit from using a body pillow during the night.  It will help you to maintain proper alignment of your spine if you put it behind you, and it will also achieve the same effect if you tuck it between your knees or “hug” it.  In both cases, less pressure on your spine will allow you to toss and turn less, and therefore to get better quality sleep.  Many first-time body pillow users find that they have never slept better!

  • Those who Snore!

People who snore often find that they do their worst snoring when they are on their back.  Sleeping on their side tends to help reduce snoring, and this in turn allows them to get a better nights’ sleep.  Not to mention their sleeping partners!  If you snore, you might want to look into one of the giant “U-shaped” body pillows that curve up and over your head, allowing you to have support from the front AND the back, so that you don’t roll over onto your back during sleep.

  • Pregnant Women!

Body Pillows are so popular for pregnant women that they actually make specific types of body pillows called pregnancy pillows!  These pillows generally have a notch in them where pregnant women can support their bellies, but they come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some women prefer to use a combination of pillows, such as a standard body pillow for back support combined with a wedge pillow for belly support.  Other options are “C” shaped pillows that curve around your head, behind your back, and in between your legs so that you are cradled deep inside the pillow.  Since every woman’s pregnancy is different, you might need to try out two or three pillows or combinations of pillows before you find something that works for you!

  • Those who have physical disabilities or other medical problems like pinched nerves!

I bought my original body pillow after I had surgery on my back for a ruptured disc.  I had sciatic pain shooting up and down my leg, lower back, and buttock, and just rolling over in bed often caused enough pain to cause me to cry out.  I did not get significant relief until after my surgery, but a body pillow definitely helped me both before AND after my surgery.  If you have a spine that is curved or shortened, a body pillow might help you achieve a level of comfort that you’ve never experienced.  There are so many different disabilities that might benefit from a body pillow that it is impossible to list them all.

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